Chantel M. Lawton, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public
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Chantel M. Lawton
Chantel M. Lawtone provide exceptional service to our clients in all aspects of Family Law, Collaborative Family Practice, Divorce and Separation. Separation and Divorce is a difficult and emotional process. You require the knowledge, expertise and support we can offer to you. I am an experienced and caring Family Law Lawyer.

Chantel M. Lawton use my specialized training in Collaborative Family Law to support my clients to an effective resolution of their separation or divorce. Through the Collaborative approach, I guide my clients to a resolution that gives them more of what is most important to them. Using the principles of Collaborative Practice, I work with the Collaborative team to identify each family's goals and interests, what is important to them, and to creatively develop options for resolving the issues based on the needs of their unique family.

Chantel M. Lawtonontact us today for more information about Collaborative Law. Ask about the free 30 minute information session for you and your spouse regarding the Collaborative approach.

Chantel M. Lawton
e can assist you with the following:
                          • Collaborative Family Practice resolutions
                          • Separation agreements, Marriage Contracts, Parenting Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements
                          • Support clients through the Mediation process
                          • Divorce
                          • Representation in Family Court
                          • Family Adoptions
                          • Custody and Access
                          • Child and Spousal Support
                          • Property Division
                          • Independent Legal Advice
Chantel M. Lawton

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Chantel M. Lawton

Chantel M. Lawton
 proper will that is structured to fit with your estate plan is the best way to ensure that your loved ones receive the benefit of your estate the way you intend.  Chantel will assist you to develop your plan and structure your assets in such a way as to give the most benefit to your beneficiaries.  Chantel can assist your estate trustee in distributing the assets of your estate in a manner consistent with the terms of your will.

Chantel M. Lawtonaving a power of attorney in place for your personal care and your financial affairs is often one of the last things that people want to deal with. It is also one of the most important. These documents protect you and your family when you are your most vulnerable. Chantel can help you make a plan that will meet your needs and those of your family.

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