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Where are you in your process?

Since every relationship is unique, the best path to resolving separation challenges will look different for every family. Point yourself in the right direction by finding out how far you are on your journey and where I can help.

Your first steps

Are you experiencing information overload and looking for a clear process that will work for everyone? At this stage, it’s important to decide on an action plan that may include choosing a mediator or collaborative team or looking into interim parenting and financial arrangements.

Stuck in the middle

At this point, you may have started a resolution process and need guidance on where to go next. If you haven’t had success in your previous efforts, it’s time to look at a different path.

Before you finalize your Separation Agreement, we can work together to determine what’s important to you and if we have all of the information needed for a successful resolution. Alternatively, you may have started a resolution process and now question whether it’s the right fit for your family, prompting you to choose a different path forward. Perhaps you need some more tools from the resolution toolbox to move forward.

Solution Focused

At your Wits End?

If you’re at this point, you’re probably engaged in a resolution process that either isn’t working for you or needs some further support. You may have already completed a Separation Agreement or obtained a Court Order and now need to review or update it based on changes in your lives or the lives of your children.

Whether you’re looking for independent legal advice or a neutral legal opinion to help facilitate the final resolution, I can work with you to support your unique needs.

Selecting a process that best suits you and your situation.


A process where both parties can express what’s important to them and work together with a professional team to create a favourable resolution for both spouses and the children or family as a whole.


Both spouses work privately with one mediator who guides the discussion toward a resolution. The mediator helps each of you understand and appreciate the other person’s perspective and supports both of you in reaching an agreement that works for all involved parties.

Additional legal services

  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts
  • Limited Retainers and Unbundled Services for Family Matters

Guidance on your path

A compilation of resources and articles that work to support your ongoing process with Chantel Lawton

Selecting your process?

If you’ve recently separated or are considering separation, find out where to start.

Find out where to begin

Should I choose Collaboration or Mediation?

Since both methods have strengths and weaknesses, it all comes down to what works for your family — what works for you may not work for others

Find out where to begin

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